Danielle Latham, LMT
(The Body Connection)
1105 16th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212
(In the Integrative Life Center suites)

Spring Explorations (April-June 2019)
A Breath of Fresh Air - Breathing Life into the I Am that We Are​

Spring is the season of new yang, meaning our spirits are ready to break free of all that we have

 been sitting with over the winter months and rise up from where we've been. Spring symbolizes

 new life, a breath of fresh air. This seasonal exploration is intended to awaken you to the bliss that

 resides within you through Breathwork and connecting with the core of your being ​

at each of your energy centers.​

A Breath of Fresh Air includes: ​

Each group session will begin with a conversation and some exploration into the characteristics that make up each week's energy center. The Breathwork will then focus on that chakra to open you up to its essence and allow you to make space for it in your life. ​

8 Group sessions + journeybook (simple journal + feedback)​

**Group is limited to 8 people*
Save the dates!​

April 6th (Saturday 2-4pm) - Root Chakra, I AM ​
April 17th (Wednesday 6-8pm) - Sacral Chakra, I FEEL​
April 27th (Saturday, 2-4pm) - Solar Plexus, I DO​
May 8th (Wednesday 6-8pm) - Heart Center, I LOVE​
May 18th (Saturday, 2-4pm) - Throat Chakra, I SPEAK​
May 28th (Wednesday, 6-8pm) - Third Eye, I SEE​
June 8th (Saturday, 2-4pm) - Crown Chakra, I UNDERSTAND​
June 18th (Wednesday, 6-8pm) - Path of Liberation/Welcome Summer 

Early Bird Pricing - $240 when paid in full by 3/23/2019​
Regular price - $280 after 3/23 when paid in full​ (no longer available)
Pay per session - $40/each (this will not include a journeybook)​

Group or Individual
Spring Sessions