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Massage & Bodywork
Integrative Therapeutic Massage - Rest and relaxation is the focus of this therapy. Integrative Therapeutic Massage consists of a variety of modalities integrated within the style of a relaxing massage. Full body service with the therapist's choice on what techniques and enhancements are used during the massage. You may choose to add a specialty to part of the massage or receive a full session of the following as an alternative (please specify at time of booking): -manual lymphatic drainage -cranio sacral -organ balancing -acupressure 

Customized/Focused Massage - Designed and focused around your specific structural issue. This massage will target 1 or more areas of the body. Not a full body massage. Geared towards acute and chronic pain dysfunctions, this therapy utilizes neuromuscular, trigger point, and myofascial release techniques. Or you may customize your own massage dictating the areas of body to receive work and length of time spent on each area.

Thai Massage - Thai massage uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body's energy lines (sen lines) to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension, and balance the body's energy systems. This massage style is both deeply relaxing and energizing. The service takes place on a mat on the floor and you wear loose, comfortable clothing. Thai massage is an ancient healing art that has its roots in spiritual traditions with its purpose being to heal a person spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

Hot Stone Massage - Smooth stones are heated and then lubricated with oil and/or essential oils where the therapeutic effects of heat are used to relax muscles more deeply. As an extension of the therapist's hands, the use of massage stones includes deep relaxation and provides a unique experience many find to be tremendously calming and centering.

Breathwork -  Therapeutic practice of "conscious breathing" meant to bring on healing of the mind, body and spirit. Breathwork is beneficial to balancing the mind and emotional system, releasing deep trauma from central nervous system and quieting the mind. This can be a powerful, personal, and emotional experience for some people. Breathwork can often reveal areas in our subconscious that may require more personal attention like certain energies or belief systems that no longer serve us. The benefiting result can leave you feeling grounded and internally stable with a more relaxed conscious. Private sessions offer a circular connected breath with time for sharing before and after service.


Energy Awareness & Exploration - The energy of your chakras will be divined through the use of a pendulum with an explanation of each energy and how your current state of being is relating to it, as well as the paths of manifestation and liberation noting where/how your flow may be blocked or moving. This is a 15-minute add on.

Essential Oil - Choose an essential oil to be used during your service. If you are unsure, but have a specific issue to be addressed, please specify at the time of booking.

Hot Stones - Adding hot stones to a particular area of the body can be very relaxing and allows the tissue to soften before deeper work is done. This add on is for 1-2 areas of the body only (not full body).

AJNA Therapy - This form of therapy is designed around an agreed upon series of sessions using an online "storybook" to track, explore, and discover patterns surrounding the body-mind-spirit connection. The Third Eye chakra (VI) or "ajna" means perceive, command, or beyond wisdom in Sanskrit and is located between the eyes on the body. It contains the energy of intuition, insight, imagination, perception, patterns, and dreams. It is associated with the element light and the ability "to see" in conjunction with wisdom. 

Thai massage takes place on a futon mat on the floor, and you wear loose fitting clothing. Some spas, like The Mandarin Oriental, Miami,, provide you with an outfit to wear. Others may ask you to wear something loose and comfortable, like sweat pants, during your Thai massage. You start by laying on your back, and the therapist uses gentle compression and stretching techniques to open up your body, beginning with you legs. Some people say Thai massage is a little like doing yoga without any effort, because the therapist will push your body into various positions without any work on your part.

Thai massage is done with all your clothes on, so some people recommend it if you feel uncomfortable with nudity during a Swedish massage . But it is not the best choice for first-time spa-goers. The therapist literally uses his or her whole body, including her feet, to move your body into various positions during Thai massage, so in some ways it feels more intimate than a Swedish massage, where you lay on a massage table and are covered with sheets.

Thai massage has its roots in a spiritual tradition, and its purpose is to heal a person physically, emotionally and spiritually.