Danielle Latham, LMT
(The Body Connection)
1105 16th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212
(In the Integrative Life Center suites)

Private BreathWork Group

Gather a group of up to 10 people and come to me
$200 total

At a location of your choice
$250 total

Private sessions also available 
60 minutes - $95
90 minutes - $150
120 minutes - $200

Join me once a month for a conscious-connected group BreathWork session. We will begin each session with a topic for discussion combined with an activity, then move into using our breath to connect to the power that lies within. The state of our breath indicates where and how we are in life. BreathWork allows our unconsciously held beliefs and emotions, and how we relate to life and those around us to surface and be released. 

Summer Sessions will be on the 10th of each month
Wednesday, 7/10, 6-8pm
Saturday, 8/10, 2-4pm
Tuesday, 9/10, 430-630pm

Cost: $35/session (when paid by the 1st of the month)
$40/session (after the 1st)
*Limited to 10 people
(Please check here before showing up to the group if you have not paid in advance. I will run the session with 3 or more participants.)

Location: 1105 16th Ave S, suite A (Integrative Life Center building)
Parking lot available (if full park on street)

Payment Date