Danielle Latham, LMT
(The Body Connection)
1105 16th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212
(In the Integrative Life Center suites)

About Danielle Latham 

Fourteen years ago (2004), I happened upon massage therapy & bodywork out of a desire to

 simply be my own boss. What I didn’t realize was that my gifts were an ideal match for this

 work and it brought me closer to my soul’s purpose in life. Throughout the years I have not

 only worked with helping clients to connect body, mind, and spirit, but I have journeyed right

 beside them, doing my own work to re-member who I truly am. My true passion is to connect

 with others in a meaningful way to help them rediscover their most authentic self.  


In my work, I am a story teller and a journeying companion. My goal is to use my intuition,

 insight, and unique perspective to guide you in uncovering your own story, helping you align

 with the way your soul wants to tell it. After years of working with the physical body, it

 eventually became apparent that the spirit is far more present than we give it credit for and our

 bodies and minds are simply telling our stories, oftentimes conflicting with our soul’s purpose.

 Everything we are and everything we do is in reaction (or response) to our spirit. Where is that

 or what is that, you might wonder. This is where I thrive.  


When I use the word “spirit”, I am referring to the essence of your being, your energy. That

 oftentimes, intangible “je ne sais quoi”. The thing that makes you YOU! This energy can get off

 center, taking you away from your soul’s true purpose. While our spirits align in various ways

 with who we are, our souls are aligned with a force greater than ourselves and hold truth,

 wisdom, and power. How the soul is connecting with Source is then displayed through our



Should you choose to work with me outside of traditional massage, we will begin the journey

 using methods and techniques that will help to illuminate where your spirit is on its path to

 unfoldment. I can work with you in person or online using Spiritual/Intuitive Guidance,

 Dreamwork/Dream Interpretation, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Energywork,

 Meditation & Mindfulness, Breathwork (not

 available online), or Bodywork/Body Awareness & Movement (not available online). 

Let's get started...