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AJNA Therapy
AJNA Therapy (trademark in progress)  This form of therapy is designed around an agreed upon series of sessions using an online "storybook" to track, explore, and discover patterns surrounding the body-mind-spirit connection. The Third Eye chakra (VI) or "ajna" means perceive, command, or beyond wisdom in Sanskrit and is located between the eyes on the body. It contains the energy of intuition, insight, imagination, perception, patterns, and dreams. It is associated with the element light and the ability "to see" in conjunction with wisdom. 

The series' are divided into body-mind-spirit categories and are constructed for investigation, inquiry, understanding, and awareness into each of these areas of your life. They do not include massage except for use as a tool to gain information that may help to shed some light on these components. If you would like to receive a massage in conjunction with this work, you will need to add it as an additional service.

Basically Body - This series will include working with the body's information (pain, discomfort, misalignment, etc.) to develop awareness of the function and way we are using or potentially misusing the body. The information the body is giving will serve as a guide to understand its expression and how that form may be relating to the mind and spirit. A part of your "story" will be revealed at each session to provide a piece of your puzzle and strengthen your ability to go within and glean insight into the patterns that have been created in the body that reflect aspects of your mind and spirit. 

-Various forms of bodywork, stretching, and examination will be used on this path

Soley Spirit - This series will include exploration into the spiritual condition using the service of a companion traveler (me) on your journey lending intuition, insight, different perspectives as you examine and work through the process of unfolding or developing a deeper connection with the divine essence of your being. You may come in with an issue for guidance or use the energy system as a way to determine where there may be imbalances or disconnection with the soul. A part of your "story" will be revealed at each session to provide a piece of your puzzle and will be utilized to cultivate more mindfulness & awareness of its affects on the mind and body. 

-Spiritual mentoring, meditation & mindfulness, energy work, and EFT may be used as tools on this path

Mostly Mind - This series will include exploration into known or unknown belief systems and how those may or may not line up with our truest selves. There will be exploration surrounding the nature of the mind and experimentation with various tools for outcomes that help to solidify patterns more alignment with the highest self. A part of your "story" will be revealed at each session to provide a piece of your puzzle and develop more awareness of the connection between mind-body-spirit.

-Meditation & mindfulness, spiritual mentoring, affirmations, and EFT may be used as tools on this path

Please note: the series separation for Ajna Therapy exists for a foundational understanding of the main objective. While working within the series, one category may easily flow into another, however the focus would be either mind, body, or spirit. 

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An introductory rate is in place for a limited time.
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